About project

When: January 7, 2018

Client: Richmond Children’s Choir

Project: Disney Classic Musical  Aladdin

Venue: Gateway Theater, Richmond

Project Description

At the beginning of the new year 2018, the Richmond Gateway Theatre in the evening of January 7 was full of laughter and emotion. Fifty-four children with artistic talents sang and danced on the stage, performing wonderfully the classic Disney musical “Aladdin”. Every song, dance and every performance is amazing. With the gorgeous 3D background stage effect, it is the first time to land a perfect ending on the Disney children’s musical “Aladdin” in Vancouver.
This Disney “Aladdin” children’s musical is a collaboration between the internationally renowned children’s musical director Emma Swords and the Richmond Children’s Choir founder Lily Yuan. The heroine and heroine-Neil Hong and Victoria Kazantsev, a total of 54 outstanding actors, were recruited in August 2017 to stand out from more than a hundred children.

The stage effect of this play is also eye-catching. All the background videos are based on the original art. Fstar Media, a local Chinese audiovisual media company in Vancouver, uses high-tech digital technology to create 3D rendering colorful effects. According to the needs of the plot, there are more than a dozen background changes in the entire play code. There are magical flying magic carpets, Jia Fang’s dark magic, etc., combined with the flowing rhythm of music, show the audience a dreamy and elegant situation.

Service Content

Stage dual projection background, two large 10,000 lumens projectors, live video director, multi-camera recording.